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About Us

Moulas Group of companies

Company Profile

With a story of more than 50 years, Moulas Group of companies acts in the Greek market with a wide range of activities in different business fields.  Automotive, Car rental,  Real Estate & Energy are the main fields of the Group’s activity, operating in each one with a separate company & brand name. However all of them belong to the same management and operates towards the same targets of Moulas Group.


Moulas Group of companies, started as a local truck dealer by Mr. Konstantinos Moulas in 1975. Such his motivation as his constant willing for development were the crucial factors for the company’s success way. Nearly 2000, Mr. Konstantinos Moulas enters in the field of Real Estate & Construction.

Company’s philosophy

Moulas Group of companies is always making effort to achieve the targets of the group but is also giving the best result to the customers & consumers. Through the products that each company promotes and the service that offers, the management & the personnel of the group want to make sure that by achieving the necessary goals, they give motive in the real life. Moulas Group of companies is not only operating towards the implement of the targets in the financial sector but is also following some moral rules that the founder Mr. Konstantinos Moulas has settled since the beginning of the first company of the Group. These have to do with the social impact of the group’s activity, the actions for a clearer environment, the formation of a friendly working environment and actions for sustainability.

Our company is founded by Konstantinos Moulas in 1975. Following a stable and upcoming philosophy, we are established in Sales & Aftersales for DAF Trucks, such in the Greek as in the international markets, too.

Moulas SA constitutes an Independed Operator & Support Point for DAF trucks, providing truck sales, parts sales & service. We offer high quality service for DAF Trucks, making the truck a means of transport easy to buy and maintain.

Nowdays, DAf Moulas SA constitutes a major company such in the import as in the export of trucks & parts. Recognized in the international field, we continue offer you the best service in order to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Morent is the youngest part of Moulas Group of companies. As the group operates in the field of automotive since 1975, Morent enters in the market of car rentals in 2018.  With a large stock of commercial vehicles ready for rental, the company is becoming a real & trustful partner in the field of van rental.

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Mo-real Estate is a member of Moulas Group of companies and operates in the sector of real estate & construction. The company began in the early of 2000, with the construction of business buildings & warehouses. After that, the company’s activity expanded in the construction and the management of a large group of residences in the wide region of northern Greece. Such in the engineering team as in the construction team of the company the personnel are high qualified & offers the best result in the field of construction and real estate.

More Energy focuses on the electricity power production from renewable energy sources. Greece belongs to the group of countries with the highest levels of renewable energy sources. Regarding this, Moulas Group of companies has grabbed this chance for a clearer environment, with constructing & operating wind farms & solar parks. More Energy operated the first solar park by 2010 and at the moment is being included in a list of companies with the highest production levels of electricity power that is produced from renewable energy sources.


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